Biofire vinewood briquettes

Biofire vine wood briquettes are composed 100% of vine shoots and stocks.

In wine regions, vine shoots and stocks are used for grilling.
Known for the incomparable taste they produce when cooking, they are not easily used in their natural state because they are very voluminous and do not keep alight very long.

Dried and finely ground, vine shoots and stocks can be compacted in a press and easily used as small briquettes for the barbecue or fireplace grill.

Our briquettes are produced in France in the midst of the finest wine growing regions.

packaging biofire vinewood


Biofire vinewood briquettes are packaged in bags:

5kg | almost 75 briquettes (5cm diameter)
Height: 50cm | Width: 24cm | Depth: 14cm

Our bags made ​​of natural biodegradable unbleached kraft paper that can be recycled or burned.